Project Type:
Branding, Ideation, photography, web design, Print, UI,          Social media
A Full Artist branding for PJAE (myself) an R&B singer-songwriter. The primary challenge revolved around developing a brand that was not only professional and approachable but also aligned seamlessly with my unique personality. It was crucial to ensure the brand's adaptability across various mediums, including print and merchandise since the brand would inevitably exist in these spaces. Since motion and change were important aspects of the brand, these became influential themes throughout. 
After forming a personality for the brand, a custom-type design was chosen as the focal point of the branding. Drawing inspiration from the fluid and versatile nature of water, the custom-type design beautifully communicated the artist's adaptability and willingness to change. The logo design showcased the seamless transition between genres and moods, aligning perfectly with the artist's musical style. The color palette adopted for the brand was striking yet simple, strategically selected to ensure the brand's longevity and ability to evolve with the artist's growth.
In addition to the logo, the brand's visual identity embraced motion throughout its elements. Intriguing gradient mesh objects, seemingly floating in space, added a dynamic and engaging quality to the brand. This concept was applied consistently across various brand materials, including print, merch, and digital assets. I also chose clear and modern sans-serif typefaces that I believed further enhanced the brand's personality
To aid the artist's online presence, Using Webflow I designed a responsive desktop and mobile website that seamlessly integrated the brand's motion-driven aesthetic while keeping the overall design clear and concise. The website provided a captivating user experience, enabling visitors to explore the artist's music, events, and personal story in a meaningful way.
In addition to the comprehensive branding efforts, an exciting aspect of this project involved designing merchandise that would further enhance the brand's visibility and engagement. The goal was to create merch items, such as shirts and stickers, that would seamlessly integrate with the overall brand identity while resonating with the target audience.

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