Project Type:
branding, advertising, Print, Store Signage
Dreamz Cannabis is a community-inspired and education-based dispensary with several newly opened locations across the beautiful state of New Mexico. Dreamz is on a mission to revolutionize the cannabis industry throughout all of New Mexico, and eventually the country. They strive to provide access to knowledgeable staff, quality products, curated experiences, and absolute transparency.
How can we elevate cannabis and reach a larger demographic while emulating a strong sense of New Mexico culture?
We needed to create a brand that pushed the boundary of traditional cannabis while also maintaining an approachable and friendly exterior. They already had a logo mark that was familiar to their customers, but they needed a full brand that communicated their innovative aspirations and extensive knowledge while speaking to their deeply rooted connection with their home, New Mexico.
With a logo locked in, we created a brand that encompassed the rich culture and energy of New Mexico, taking visual cues from the fantastic landscape and incorporating that directly into brand assets. It was important to communicate the playful yet respected nature of their company culture that was already present. We did this by incorporating handwritten elements and playful language. The final product was an edgy yet approachable, playful yet elevated brand that would scale elegantly.
Dreamz values their community over everything. They speak to their customers, team, and others with kindness, calmness, and confidence. We made Dreamz a witty brand that enjoyed a good time, but never at the expense of others or in bad taste. We didn’t want their advertising and marketing language to feel like they were selling. So, by using taglines with casual language and a call to action, we humanized the brand.
When creating collateral for the brand, it was important for the merchandise and stationary to appeal to a new younger audience but still speak to their loyal, older demographic. By using their neutral palette alongside a modern approach, we accomplished an elevated look while still staying true to their original brand.

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